1.- What is "YourMemoPad"?

"YourMemoPad" is a simple Chrome extension to save notes and tasks who are automatically synchronized with your Chrome account.

2.- How it works?

Synchronization is performed after each change in the list, in descriptions, in the text field or in the order of the panels.

No need to save anything. The data are stored in the browser and are accessible from the moment you log in to the Chrome browser with your user account.

3.- How much cost?

Nothing. The use of "YourMemoPad" is free. If you want to help, visit the websites of our sponsors and advertisers or use the button:

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4.- Do I need to register?

No. Just install the extension.

5.- Are my data stored?

No. We do not have access to your data from Chrome, or the content of your Chrome Account.

All synchronization is performed in the Google Chromestorage service.

Moreover, we use Adsense and Blogger in this web, as reflected in our Privacy Policy.

6.- How can I install the extension?

Simply visit the Chrome Web Store at the following link:

For more information visit our installation page.

7.- Who is behind of all this?

All this is an idea perpetrated by Iván Rodríguez, (AKA @TwittBoy)

For more information visit the contact area.

8.- How I can advertise?

To advertise on "YourMemoPad" (web or/and extension) requests information through the contact form.

Talk to me

If you want to invite me to coffee and have a nice conversation, or if you want to advertise on this site, you can use this form or my social networks to contact me. ...or for anything else, anyway, what?

Iván Rodríguez
Iván Rodríguez
(aka @TwittBoy)

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